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Camly Story

Step into the world enriched with honesty

Camly Platform: Global Real Estate Investec Platform. A market place for sharing and connecting the Real estate Business and investment of the world.

We match the need of raising capital of real estate developers with international investors, create more GIAs (Global Investment Ambassadors), with huge business opportunities.

Help the world happiness and prosperity by investing in harmony and humanity.


Make the world become a better, happy prosperous and place

We enter the business to encourage the world to move forward.To create VALUE. To improve human life. Make the world become a better, prosperous and happy place.When we leave, we save a planet that is smarter, more kind, more humane, more complete than when we arrived. We do it by sharing what we know, what we have, what is given to us by others. Whether every business person remembers it or not, every business is a show of LOVE and GRATITUDE ! That are core values along with WISDOM and GLOBAL.


Business Practice

Success is the High Results associated with Satisfaction

To be successful in business, you must always explore and learn new knowledge. This is proven by the world's top successful people. The business practice handbook is Ms.CamLy's determination and brainchild. Camly Duong, "born" as a guideline, not only brings knowledge, but also lessons, advice and more about the formula for success in business.

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Good business leaders create a vision, define a vision, strongly embrace a vision and constantly promote it until it is perfected

CamLy Dương

President / CEO

Hứa Tố Trân (Tracy)

CBO & Vice President of Camly Group

Trịnh Kim Ngọc

COO & Vice President Camly Group

Lê Huyền Nga

CIO & Vice President Of Camly Group

Lê Nguyên Minh (John)

Creative Game Director

Thái Thị Thanh Huyền

Co-Founder & CEO Camly Academy

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Knowledgeable people know how to turn opportunities into wealth

Leading by quality

We set criteria for selecting the best real estate projects to invest safely, sustainably, and profitably

Global investment

We provide investors with unprecedented opportunities in projects all over the world. Physical borders are no longer a barrier

Standing on the shoulder of a giant

Investment opportunities with top billionaires in the real estate industry in the world with a reasonable investment


With our hearts and unconditional love for work, we have made great accomplishments


Total capital raised for investment


Number of projects with 100% fundraise success rate

Since 2008

Experience serving more than 1000 investor