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Become a global investment ambassador (GIA)

CamLy Academy is founded to prepare you for this fulfilling profession. Join us to become a Global Investment Ambassador (GIA).

Training Program

We match the need of raising capital of real estate developers with international investors, create more GIAs (Global Investment Ambassadors), with huge business opportunities.

After completing the training, she will be awarded the GIA international certificate. This is not only a world real estate business opportunity, but also helps us to think of a new generation to be ready for the coming Golden Age.

Some benefits of connecting a GIA
  • Gain income and training
  • Supported Marketing Materials
  • Be given priority to participate in project survey tours with leading US Group experts and CEO Ms. CamLy Duong

To become a talent business

Join the training courses with CAMLY platform

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Do you want to invest, raise fund, or join us as an ambassador? And we connecting together.


Global investment Ambassador CamLy Group

Join our network of ambassadors for excellent opportunities to advance your career. Attractive income potentials await, fun people to work with